Bantam Only Egg Chain Rules

By reesepoultry · Apr 21, 2013 ·
  1. reesepoultry
    UPDATED RULES: 4/8/2013

    DESCLAMER: BYC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SWAP. BYC is not responsible for egg sent, received or not received. Please do not pm the mod about your eggs. PM me. If you do not receive your egg I cannot make them send them but will make sure they do not play anymore. Please remember the BANTAM ONLY CRAZY EGG TRAIN and shipping eggs are a gamble.
    SWAP RULES - This list is subject to change so please check back periodically.

    YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PLAY - IF you are younger- your parent is the only one who can swap your eggs on here.
    For example my daughter is 15 and she raises Japanese Bantams- But I swap for her, and I am responsible for the eggs, shipping, packaging, etc.


    YOUR 1st offer of EGGS MUST BE PUREBRED BANTAM Chickens or Ducks!
    You then may offer as many other offers as well from mixed pens- as long as they are all bantams- and list the breeds that are in those pens.

    If eggs are from mixed colors, please note color combinations. If they are project colors please put that.

    Minimum of
    6+ Chicken eggs or 4+ Duck eggs. Please try to include one or two extras if possible. If you would like to offer more, that would be fine too.
    Please post a pictures if you have one it will help your eggs move faster.

    To qualify for accepting an offer, you need to post what you are offering in return in the same post.

    When each trade is posted, please pm or email the person who offered the eggs and work out the shipping arrangements.

    The person sending the eggs pays the shipping costs.

    When eggs are mailed, swapper needs to send a courtesy email to the swappee to let them know that the eggs are on their way. All Egg Must me shipped with tracking #

    If combining different breeds, write in pencil the breed on the egg.

    All pure breeds of poultry are welcome in the swap. Easter Eggers are Welcome as all as they are non-standard color Ameraucanas. meaning mixed color Ameraucanas

    Please offer eggs that you will have available to ship within two weeks of offering. Please send egg no older the 4 days when shipped.

    If the thread stalls for 6 hours, try changing your offer if you can. If after changing your offer the thread is still stalled after 24 hrs, please try to offer $15 paypal. If after 48hrs, the offer will be rolled back to the prior offer . Please do not send out your eggs to the claimee until 48hrs have past and or their offer has been claimed by someone else.

    So that everyone gets a chance to play. There will be a SWAP LIMIT set to 4 per week. You may use all the swaps in one day if you wish. New week starts Sunday 12:01am, EST.

    Any questions or problems please PM me directly to meepitqueenie. Also, In case I am not available for any reason Reesepoultry will be able to assist you.

    Please be respectful of others and let's give everyone a chance to have fun swapping :)

    Side trades are welcome but please use PMs to avoid confusion.

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