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    About Bargain Structures Corporation

    Bargain Structures was founded by Mike & Michelle Hayes 2009

    Bargain Structures corporate office is now based out of Dallas Texas and the company has offices in North Carolina - Pensacola, Florida - Monticello, Arkansas and New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The company has sales agents scattered across the United States that sells the quality metal structures that the company offers at the best price across the nation and now exported out of the country.

    Bargain Structures is also the home of the Mountaineer Cabins and other custom agriculture and farm structures, such as Hog Pens, Chicken Pens, Hunting Blinds and Wildlife Traps that the company manufacturers in their own facility.

    The company prides themselves on quality customer service and strives daily to continue to improve and grow in both custom products and customer service.

    Bargain Structures delivers and installs in every state in the nation. The delivery times varies based on the customers location and the time of the season that the customer places their order.

    The company owns several subsidiary companies such as, Carport Wholesale, Hayco Metal Structures, Bargain outdoor Products.

    The company has a very large network of suppliers and contractor that they use in their daily activities such, building, fabricating, installation, concrete work, insulation, electrical, and interior finish work. We invite you to contact one of our sales agents to get your free estimate on a product or structure you may need.

    We look forward to serving your metal structures needs!

    Jim A. Hall
    General Sales Agent

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