Well I live in beautiful Northern Lower Michigan, "Gods Country" that what they call this area. Near Traverse City, some will know the place. If your ever here in the summer you will know why its called Gods Country. But, I think whomever said that was not here in the winter. Actually our winter is pretty, just cold and long.
On my little farm I have Two Quarter Horses, 1 very old cat, 1 Cochin Bantam Hen (the girl that started it all),I purchased her at the farm market with 3 little chicks, sadly they were half grown and a weasle came in and killed them, strangely enough he didnt get the hen even though they were in a small cage together she was in shock for two days afterwards. So later I got an egg from the farm I was working on and my hen went broody immediatly in that egg was 1 Old English Bantam Rooster (my Cochin hens adopted Son), 1 Sumatra Rooster and 5 Sumatra Hens (Two of these hens were adopted daughters of my cochin she is broody and loves to raise chicks)