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I have posted a couple times about my broody Rooster. I am not yet savvy enough to post to the forum as of yet (still working on it)... SOOOOOO,
This is my broody Roo. I named him Fluffy. He spends his days running with my barred plymouth rocks and Ameraucanas ( I think they're actually just ee, but they were sold titled wrong). When I get a new batch of babies, he subs for a huge energy-inefficient heating bulb. For all 37 of my standard-size day-old chicks. Not bad for a bantam ROO!
He crows, and spars, and broods chicks. He clucks softly to them, lets them eat first, and warms them in his AMPLE featherage.
He is my Fluffy, purebred bantam black cochin ROOSTER.
He yells/shrieks a warning to the chicks, and they all flock underneath him instantly, whnever my beagle walks to close to my indoor brooder while he is brooding.
If you look closely of pics of his feet, you will see miniature little stilts in between his feathers.
These pics are from THURSDAY MARCH 12, 2009. He is currently brooding 37 (yes, I know, I am terrible about this kind of thing) standard-size pullet chicks... AND 6 day-old ducklings. He is full up for the next six weeks.....*sigh* no new babies very soon, cept for the turkeys in my 'bator!