I am preparing for spring.. Hatching and gathering more eggs... I get so excited like its the first time I ever saw a chick hatch. I start calling for my daughter to come over and we both watch as the baby comes out... we talk to the babiy chicks like we are there mommas and I know they dont know what we are but it makes me feel better they hear something and someone is here to watch and care for them. All my eggs are well taken care of because I think of the little one who is there waiting to come out.. and I talk to the egg as well. I know its silly but I think of how they are and egg and then they start to develop and then when they hatch sometimes they still dont make it.. They go through so much to get out. I enjoy hatching and raising my babies... We moved to a larger piece of land but smaller house..(single wide) But it will be worth it for me to be able to have more space to make some flight pens.. and many more coops.. and my daughter and I will enjoy every minute of it... Being low on money and having big dreams is hard sometimes but makes you work even harder to what you want... This will be a place everyone knows one day and It will always be busy with people coming over. Plus gtting ready for Old Fashioned Trader Days which we have created kinda like a Flea market but there is no set up cost you just come down and ty to sell your Chickens, farm equipment, rabits.. anything farm related but we are also letting people come in with there yard sale items as well.. We started it last year and we are hoping for a larger turn out this year.. I am building a web site for that and one for me.. barnyardbirds.com and traderdays.info