Barredbuffs Feeding Routines

By BarredBuff · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. BarredBuff
    We try to be as self sufficient as possible and we are gradually gaining more control in that area. We have Honeybees (never got any honey, [​IMG]) chickens, ducks, rabbits and soon to be earthworms. Plus I have two orchards then apple trees are spread around the border of the garden. HUGE garden, plus we're working on expanding it this year. By adding raised beds in an open area. Plus we put up a bunch of food. We have foraged some but not much.

    On the animal food side of life. Im getting away from the TSC visits, Im getting more ideas for their feed. It seems to be working...

    I raise wheat, oat, and alfalfa sprouts for the chickens, ducks and rabbits. I do it with soil so that I can clip what I want off of the sprout and it will regrow. Im getting this project under control now........

    Im getting ready to raise earthworms for the poultry. 500 worms are due in on Wednesday or Thursday. Thats a whole lot of protein for them! Once they start to flourish.......

    This summer I am growing a lot of whole corn for my chickens, ducks and rabbits. Im growing 12, 45 ft long rows for them. Im also converting the old chicken run into a sunflower patch.

    The chickens and ducks forage all the time. Even when its 20* out and snow on the ground, they go out. I dont let them set around the feeder, they get out and look for food. All year, that helps a lot with feeding too. I also have a kenneled dog that keeps varmits away.

    The chickens and ducks find the table scraps and they eat them..........

    I forage for the rabbits. They get apple and crabapple bark/stems then they get yard clippings and any uncooked old veggie.

    I also make custom mashes for them. Rabbits get a sunflower meal, corn meal, and alfalfa pellet meal, combined together. Im trying to wean them off of stuff I cant grow or produce. Chickens and ducks get boss, cracked, corn and oats. For now they are also getting flock raiser because the ducks are doing something weird.

    Did I also mention the chickens get mice, the cat will kill them in the garage and when they get swept out to the drive way they eat em!

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