Hi, there. My name is Michael, I go by Mike, and I am a woman. That is so confusing to a lot of people...I think my parents were WAY ahead of their time in giving me an odd name back in the 70s. It was hard growing up with that name, but, like I used to tell all the kids that would tease me....the mother on The Waltons real name was Michael, which I thought was way cool.
I am married to a wonderful guy...I still am not sure what I did to deserve such a man. He is totally NOT an animal lover, but you would never believe it if you knew all he has done for my animals. I am way thankful for him and the life he provides me. I am a mother to three kids, two girls and my boy sandwiched in the middle. I am currently working my way through a degree so that I can teach junior high math. We live in the beautiful state of Utah. I hate being cold, but winters are gorgeous here. If you are a skiier and have never been to Utah, you are missing out. (I don't ski, but, still....you are missing out!)
I am the proud owner of some gorgeous ducks. I have nine Ancona ducks:

I have three beautifully colored Cayugas:

A Khaki and a Buff...I found them at a fair. The Khaki was attacked by a dog, so she has wing that she can not use:

I also have four calls, one who has angel wing on one side:

My husband has dug out a beautiful pond for my ducks and built them an amazing duck house. The top of this building is a playhouse, and the bottom is a shed. He has made the half closest to the camera a pen for my ducks with a cute little duckie door to shelter the inside from the weather:

Our pond:

Willows for protection from the sun....they LOVE it under there:

And....my three Shih Tzus:
Mom, Riley:

Daughters, Reecie and Candy:

The end (or the NINE ends):