Hi everyone! I have 2 groups of chickens some at my boyfriends and some at my house

First Batch from MPC - Born Sept. 26th 2011
- 1 buff buff orpington
- 1 black crested polish
- 1 houdan
- 1 plymouth barred rock
- 2 plymouth partridge rocks
- 1 welsummer

Mutts # 1 - Born Aug. 1st 2012
- 2 barnyard classic roosters (cochin cochin father x mother from first mpc batch)
- 2 barnyard classic hens (cochin father x mother from first mpc batch)

2nd Order from MPC - Born Oct. 1, 2012

1Rhode Island Red
1Easter Egger Bantam
1Mottled Cochin
1Salmon Favorelle
1Buff Brahma Bantam
1Black Frizzle
1Blue Splash Marans
1Red Silkie
1Buff Silkie
1Black Silkie
1White Silkie
1Partridge Silkie
1Blue Silkie

Mutt's #2 Born Oct.6th, 2012
- 2 barnyard classic hens (cochin father x mothers from first mpc batch)

Me and my favorite Baby, a Plymouth barred rock

And a year later.... shes still my baby =)

The coop/run at my boyfriends house

My first batch when they were just wee little babies! They just grow sooo fast!

Thanks for taking a look!