Hi ~ my name is Bobbi and here is my chicken story :) 7/4/11

My daughter (30, firefighter, doesn't live at home) decided "we" needed chickens. On May 4, 2011 we brought home 6 fuzzy baby girls; two Buff Orpingtons, two Rhode Island Reds, and two Silver Lace. We kept them in the downstairs, bath size, shower stall with a rubber tub and warming light. Soon they decided the tub was too small and were making a chick mess of the stall. I used a giant cardboard box in the garage with a mesh top, pine pellets, the warming light, an auto waterer and separate feeder. I added a roost and they were in pig heaven. I took them out back when it was warm enough, they foraged and they grew faster than I thought they would so I started the cadillac coop. It is 8' X 4' X 4': 4' X 4' of secure coop above half of the cage. That makes 4' of head space in 1/2 the cage and 2' of head space below the coop that is shaded. We live on a 1/2 acre and they are out and about approximately 4 hours each day. We use pine shavings, they have water indoors and out, they're still eating organic Purina Mills Start and Grow and they get first dibs on our compost.
2 buffs: Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. 2 silvers: Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Lauren. 2 reds: Rita Hayworth and Ginger Rogers <3

I built 100% by myself and it is the first thing I ever built! There are mistakes but it is easy to clean, dry, they get fresh air inside or out, and it is safe & secure for them day or night. They go upstairs by themselves just before sunset and I lock it down.