My name is Elizabeth. I would like to invite you to meet my human family and extended animal family. I am a mother of 3, 1 daughter and 2 sons. I am also a very happy wife to a wonderful husband that puts up with a lot and thinks I'm NUTS. As you could guess I am the animal nut in this family with my daughter running a close second. So, of course my hobby of about 10 chickens has turned into a small business of about 40. When did that happen?
Well, I would like to share a few pictures of my brood with you. I would like to mention though that I do appreciate everyone on BYC. You have made having chickens much easier and have helped me become more knowledgable about them. Thanks to all!!
My family and I live in central Florida. We enjoy spending time with our animal friends and learning from them. I run a family child care business in my home and my daycare children absolutely love the animals. We hope you do too.
This is our original coop and run. We now have another run with a smaller coop to the right of this one. We had to make more storage for all our stuff. So part of the storage area became a new pen.


These are some of the 40+ peepers I bought back in August of 08. I had 10 hens and Fred to start. I keep asking, Why did I buy 40+ chicks again? My husband has officially declared me CRAZY. But look how cute they are! As you can see these guys are just starting to feather in.

Here is my daughter with one of her hens, Speed. The hen is an Araucana. My daughter loves to mother them.


Nothing like a day at the spa for a little dirt bath.

This is Fred, my main roo. He is a wonderful rooster. Very sweet guy and great with the girls.

This is Lily. She is an Australian sheep dog cross. We are not sure what she is crossed with. She was a pound puppy. She is a real sweet girl and loves the hens/roos. She likes to try to herd them when I am out in the pen. She also loves to play chase with Smoke, my gelding.

This is Stephanie, we call her Momma. She is a 25 yr old cow horse. She is the sweetest thing on four legs. She is my daughter's horse. My daughter is just learning how to ride and Momma is so patient with her. But, don't be fooled. She can give a good ride when she wants to.

This is Liquid Smoke, aka: Smoke. He is my 3 year old gelding. He thinks he is part dog. His favorite past time is to give anyone a lick down. He enjoys licking people from head to toe. It is actually hilarious because he will follow you everywhere just to lick you. He is a great horse.

Here is my oldest son riding smoke for the first time. Doesn't he look great up there. Right: This is my daughter giving Smoke his daily hug. As you can see he has other things on his mind right then: GRASS!!!

Well, you have met my brood. I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I enjoy sharing them.
Best wishes to all and God Bless!!
Elizabeth and Family