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By rossfam06 · Jun 26, 2015 · ·
  1. rossfam06
    Hey everyone my name is Elizabeth Ross and I own Beak Brokers in Savannah, GA. I am a small backyard flock breeder. I specialize in Silver Laced Polish (LF) and Crested Cream Legbars. I also have pen for layers only. So as of right now I live fairly close to my neighbors seeing I live on an island. All except one love my Roosters. I purchased crow collars from and I love it!!! They sound so garbled it makes us laugh everything they crow. The CCL trio is still young and I have not sold any hatching eggs or chicks from them. The SLP are a little over a year old and I sell hatching eggs and chicks that I hatch from that pair. I want to add a couple more hens to his group. I currently have in:

    Breeder Pen #1: (12 weeks old)
    Gump- Rooster[​IMG]
    Jinny-Hen and Lovie Dovie- Hen [​IMG]

    Breeder Pen #2:
    Zax- Rooster [​IMG]
    Along with Seussy our EE Hen.
    Marie Antoinette- Hen [​IMG]
    She's about to lay me an egg.

    Then we have a bunch of random Hens we call our layers.
    Cody (Barred Rock), Angela (RIR), Naggy (WC Blue Bantam Polish), WIcket (Partridge Silkie)




    Cody and Angela are our current layers. Wicket and Naggy are still too young. I wish to add to my layer flock CCLs, and FBCM. My family and I love the crazy colors chickens come in. Once a pet always a pet in my book. You can check out my facebook page at . Thank you for looking and checking out my Coop!

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  1. WalnutHill
    Beautiful birds all, but Zax is a really handsome guy! I'd never seen SLP before!
  2. AmyLynn2374
  3. sideWing
    Great looking flock Elizabeth!
  4. rossfam06
    Thank You!!! Backyard Chicken!!!! That photo is an oldie!!! HE is so much more handsome now! And everyone else!!
  5. Savcluckers
    Elizabeth, your chickens look great!!! I have some marans getting ready to lay and breed. Hollar at me if you wanna try hatching some out!!!
  6. N F C
    Lovely chickens, your SLP are beautiful and Gump sure is a handsome guy. Thanks for sharing the photos!
  7. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  8. Oklahomachick
    When I bought some chicks about 2 months ago Americanas then about a week ago I saw I had 1 with a broken beak. The top part of the beak goes lefty and the bottom goes right. She eats OK but I know poo w she isn't getting enough nutrients because she's always eating and not always roaming with the others. Any ideas?

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