Beautiful Chicken Coop From Be Collective

Beautiful coop design! Pretty amazing that you were able to build that for under $200. I appreciated how you mentioned where you got some of the supplies, as it gives ideas as to where some of us can look in order to also save money. Now that it’s built is there anything you would change or add to it? Would also be interested in any plans or steps it took to actually build it. Looks amazing!
More details on the build would be nice, and more pictures would be great! Some of the pics in this article are upside-down too. But the coop in general looks amazing!
What a fancy coop you were able to build for about $200!! I wish you had more pictures or descriptions of how you put the whole thing together.
I also wish you had reflected back about what, if anything, you would do differently if you were to build this again.
I am wondering how easy is it to access the slanted upper parts that are above the run, or do you not need to get in there? I'm thinking that each side has a nest box, but maybe they are on opposite corners on the other side?

I love how you considered making sure you would have enough square footage for the birds if they had to be shut inside for a while and how you also made sure that there was ample roost space for them!

Thank you for sharing your coop with us! I hope you are enjoying your chickens!
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