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By be_collective · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. be_collective
    Five months ago, when I decided to get chickens for my kids, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
    Thanks to, I was able to figure things out. We now have 6 new family members and love
    everything about them- well almost everything- they poop a little more than we had anticipated. I thought
    that we could just let the chickens roam around in our backyard and that we could put up a little dog house
    like structure for them to sleep in. I didn’t consider the raccoons that roam our neighborhood or the rain we get in the winters. (We live in Tacoma, WA)
    After learning what chickens really should have, I decided to build them a coop that would be more appropriate.
    Space to live if they needed to be locked up 24/7-
    We provided a covered run that provided each hen approx. 10sq feet, a large feeder and water. Above
    the run is the hen house. The hen house has 108 cubic sq. feet of space. 2 large roosting branches that are
    elevated at 18" and 40" off of the floor. The roosting branches provide more than 20" of space per
    bird. The upper roosting branch is surrounded by windows and is where all of the chickens prefer to
    Also included in the hen house are 2 nest boxes that are also elevated off the floor 18". Each
    nest box is secluded in a corner of the hen house. Each has a small door to access the nest for gathering
    eggs. The large windows that surround the top can all be opened to aid in ventilation.
    Each panel of screen in the front of the run can be removed to make cleaning a little easier. The roof of
    the run lifts on hinges for easy access to food and water. The floor of the hen house is laminate covered
    with fresh straw every too weeks. Very easy to clean!
    The entire coop is protected with heavy-duty wire- the small square pattern. The foundation of the coop has
    a wire barrier that is buried two feet into the ground to prohibit tunneling.
    I was working on a limited budget and actually constructed the whole thing for under $200. The most
    expensive part was the windows- I found them at a salvage yard and built the entire coop around them.
    Most of the wood for construction was stuff I had left over from other projects, various construction sites,
    and from people getting rid of old fences. The siding is old roofing shingles from a friends firewood pile.
    I now just need to do a little more painting and finish sculpting the rooster weathervane for the top!
    process pics
    coopc5-1.jpg coopp-1.jpg chickjp-1.jpg

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  1. karenerwin
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    What a fancy coop you were able to build for about $200!! I wish you had more pictures or descriptions of how you put the whole thing together.
    I also wish you had reflected back about what, if anything, you would do differently if you were to build this again.
    I am wondering how easy is it to access the slanted upper parts that are above the run, or do you not need to get in there? I'm thinking that each side has a nest box, but maybe they are on opposite corners on the other side?

    I love how you considered making sure you would have enough square footage for the birds if they had to be shut inside for a while and how you also made sure that there was ample roost space for them!

    Thank you for sharing your coop with us! I hope you are enjoying your chickens!


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  1. GrammiChelle
    Very pretty coop! Lucky chickens and it looks like you've thought of everything. My next coop will be better for my girls. I'm learning so much from seeing everyone ideas!! This is just lovely and such a nice addition to your backyard.
  2. Pretty Chickens
    Beautiful coop.
  3. cutechick53
    WOW! Very nice!
  4. featherweightmn
  5. mebuff daisy
  6. greasemonkey88
  7. Rao Adnan
    very good coop
  8. LoneLayer
  9. birdman55
    wow now thats a pretty coop...i would even live in
  10. N F C
    Nice job I especially like the windows.
  11. RirMaster
  12. spotter
    Oh wow, that is such an awesome coop! And for $200? That is amazing! Verrrrrry impressed with your creativity and carpentry skills! :)
  13. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  14. Sandywitch
    I simply LOVE this coop! It looks so good! I can't believe you spend so little making one that looks THAT GOOD! I hope I'm as lucky as you are when it comes time to building ours (well, hubby building He may not like one that looks like this, though. I think he'll want a more rustic-looking one in our woods. Just so that it has the amenities I want in it and it's varmint-proof, I guess I can go along with that too. But you really did a nice job on that and I wish you had posted more pictures!
  15. redneck farmer
    beauiful coop
  16. Queen Effie
  17. LoveChickens123
    cool coop..............looks sweet it makes me want to be a chicken and live in one of these fancy coops that looks like a house!!!!! wow
  18. obxbum
    good looking coop.
  19. Miachick9
    OOOOOOHH AAAAAHHH lol i love the look of this coop its so cool i could just well do it my self....jk my dad has that job
  20. shurl
    Very very nice coop.
  21. Bunny24
    Well, looks like another job for.............DAD!!!!!
  22. The Red Rooster
    Very pretty coop. Thanks for sharing!
  23. marxmail
    Very nice design. Looks great and have a nice enclosed run.

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