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Things to know about me:
I think bec sounds like what a chicken says sometimes
I love animals.
I love chickens, but I'm obsessed with ducks.
My Rule: the weirdier and quirkier they are the better.

I have
A helpful Cavie- who believes he truly is a farm dog (Ollie).
An unnamed quaker
Lots of cows
one muscovy drake (Mortimer- known to all as Mo)
One bantam drake (Jasper)
Three call ducks (Hera, Hazel, Isa)
One leghorn (Leghorn)
one brown hen (Scrawny)
A crazy bantam rooster (Bruce)

RIP to One Eye​
Soon I hope to have
one pigeon
2 silkies
3 rhode islanders
one Indian runner and muscovy
and looking out for:
bali ducks