Befriending Your Chickens

By 6littlegirls · Nov 30, 2016 · ·
  1. 6littlegirls
    Welcome to your new home.

    When I went to pick my chickens up they where all squeezed into a tiny cage. We took them from their and placed them into two medium sized dog kennels. I was only picking up 6. We had prepared everything for them. It is like bringing home a baby from the hospital, you want everything prepared so that their well being is secured. We had a coop, a secured run and a fence 1/4 acrea for them.


    When we first got them home I put them into their coop. I had researched that this was best for the first few days. It was bigger than the cages they where use too. They where very skittish. After a few days I opened the coop door so they could get into the run. It took them a bit to figure out so I assisted them by taking them one by one and placing them down in the run. The whole time talking to them softley. I showed them the water system and where the feed was and brought them some treat of cabbage and broccoli. They enjoyed this in the evening I went out and placed them into the coop as they had not figure out the getting into the coop yet. Next morning I opened the door they where ready and one by one they figured the ramp out. I was like a proud parent.

    Now to get them to trust me. I brought them treats every afternoon and on the 6 day I decided I would let them out. I had a dog plastic kennel fence which I could use to let them out of the run into. I opened the door and they stepped out into a new world. I used my voice and treats to get them back in after being out for a out 4 hours. A few had to be picked up and put in. We did this for a few days. Then on my day off from work where I could keep an eye on things I let them out to forage. They found worms, weeds and other insects. It was like great feast.

    It took about 2 weeks of patience of coming with treats till one day I had the treats in a bowl and took a seat on a bench when one decided she didn't want to wait for the treats. She flew up onto my arm and the rest followed. They started eating out of my hand. I had cooked brown and wild rice mixed with cabbage,broccoli, fruit some seeds and cooked beans.

    We have been the best of friends. I take them for walks around the property as they like to follow me. I am sure they think I know where the best places are to forage.

    I hope everyone can be best friends with their chickens as long as they are with them. Giving them the best that can be offered in their short life.

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  1. 6littlegirls
    I am glad you like this. My girls our still laying at -20 celcius and wait for me every morning to bring them treats.
  2. Chicken Girl1
    Thank you for writing this!

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