I've wanted chickens since I was a baby but my mom didn't. Then my brother got some weird disease where he can't eat almost anything from the store so she let me buy chickens so he could have eggs that were free ranged, so I bought 15 originally all that they had left 10 barred rock and 5 black sex link. After awhile they started to out grow there brooder and I hadn't even started to build a coop. So I probably made some sort of record of fastest built coop. It took 2 days and a trip to the ER (my mom got a drill bit stuck on the interior and I sawed the outside and hit it).
It is 6' by 8'. To start I took two rail road ties and cut them at 8'. Then built a frame of 2 by 4s and nailed it on top for a base. Then put hardware cloth on top for the floor so it would be easier to clean and then add plywood in the winter to insulate it. Next the frames of the walls came up just made of 2 by 4s and nailed them together, To put on the outside is some sort of exterior fiber board that is sealed and painted. The roosts are 6 and 9 feet high and surprisingly they can all make it up besides my silkies. I was initially going to just use shingles for the roof but my dad sold a dirt bike to a guy who does it for a living and he did it for me for free in about 10 minutes.

I will take more pictures when I have a chance and have detailed plans for 15$ just PM me for them