I am in Newberg, Oregon and my daughter is in St. Paul, Oregon we are a group effort..

We are very new to all of this we got our first birds 7/30/2010 (2 rhode island reds and 3 roosters that were suppose to be hens lol) a gift from a family member for my grandson for his birthday.
I get the baby chickens till they are 4 weeks old and then they go to her place in St. Paul Oregon. W e have together

Egg layers : 2 rhode island reds (a gift 7/30/2010 currently laying) 2 buff, 2 barred rock (will start laying in july, purchased 2/19/2011)
Meat birds : 25 cornish cross (purchased 3/26/2011 we will butcher next week), 10 sagitta (purchased 4/17/2011) thay are a new breed of duel purpose bird said to be ready in 12 weeks, 9 barred rock (purchased 5/9/2011 discounted for quick sale about 2 weeks old)10 jersey giants we just got today (purchased 5/12/2011) last ones they had and my daughter really wanted to try them so we got them alittle ahead of my 2 week schedule (buy 10 meat birds every 2 weeks) but they are doing well in with the barred rock babies.

oh and 4 roosters which might be dinner soon also lol...(3 given as a gift 7/30/2010 and 1 barred rock that was in the mix when we bought the barred rock hens 2/19/2011 for laying)

we also have rabbits : 1 buck and 2 does and 16 babies born april 8th, 2011
we just slaughtered 3 pigs and thinking about raising a couple more.
For those of you asking about the Sagitta it is a new breed of duel purpose chicken. Here are a couple of pictures at about 4 weeks old.