Hi there! Life events find me settled on a pretty little piece of land next to a small lake in southern Indiana. This is my fourth year with rabbits (Californians & New Zealands) third year with chickens (Ameraucanas & Pan Fry Specials); and 2nd season with ducks (Khaki, Pekins, Anaconas). We have only been on our new homestead for 18 months, so everything is in the developing stage. I always longed for a good place to raise animals, and I'm REALLY TRYING not to go hog wild.
I'm endeavoring to provide some income from my love of animals (you know, to humour/justify to my husband). He says our eggs are costing us about $400 per dozen LOL.
Sooo...that's why I'm here: to learn how to be a good caretaker and grow healthy, happy animals. Thanks A LOT in advance to all my new friends for all the good advice and for allowing me to ask stupid questions!!
I've already made some things found on this site. (Mostly I just borrow your ideas and modify them according to what materials I can find). Like Feedzillas made from buckets and liter bottles (didn't have the PVC pipe). Chick feeders from Christmas popcorn tins and milk jugs (don't know exactly where that idea came from). Will post pics when I get time. (Remember - new homestead in progress)
Have an awesome day!