Hey, its me Nic, and this is my page...well to start off at the moment i have 9 ducks, 4 Muscovies 2 boys and 2 girls the 2 girls names are Trudy, and Bubbles and the 2 boys names are Blossum and Buttercup (we thought they were girls but found out they were boys!) Then i have 4 Welsh Harlequins 2 boys 2 girls, the 2 girls are both Golden phase and there names are Athena and Scylla and the 2 boys 1 is a silver phase and the other is silver phase pet quality, and their names are Titan and Aphrodite, (Of Course messed up on sexing) and last but not least i have A jumbo Pekin drake named BigMomma (Same story) Well i am a little overwhelmed by the flock of birds i have because i live on a normal lot in a residential neighborhood, and i have to many drakes to hens, so my plan is to re-home the pet quality Welsh Harlequin, and release the 2 male Muscovies on a friends private pond, and I just ordered a diaper harness, so BigMomma is going to be Outside throughout the day and when i get back from school put the harness on and bring him inside and and then let him sleep inside and then in the morning let him back outside, and just have the rest of the flock outside all the time accept MAYBE an occasional visit inside for awhile...Thanks for reading my info, and ill be back to post pictures soon!