Howdy Y'all,
I live on almost 10 acres in a rural part of South Carolina near the port city of Charleston along the coast. We, my wife, son, and I are the keepers of Dark Cornish, Buff Orpingtons that we sale the eggs from. In addition, the are 20 bantams of various types that we use for our own consumption of eggs and also give away to family and friends especially the ones that bake cakes for us!
About Predators - I use all measures in dealing with them and use whatever force necessary to eliminate them, that includes netting over the top of the pens, steel fencing and firearms. All dead predators are drug off to adjacent clearings to help feed the buzzards. Any chickens that are killed are given a decent burial.
About Me - I was born and bred a native Texan and feel that it has guided the way my personality has formed. After graduation from high school in East Texas I joined up with the US Navy and served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea CV 43 between 1980 - '85. I have cruised all over the world and would of missed it for anything. I did give up a football scholarship when I signed on the dotted line but feel as it worth the trade off. After my hitch was up in our Uncle Sam's Canoe Club I then jump into the Louisiana Army National Guard where they were picking up college tuition and books for all who served. After a couple of semesters at a local junior college I transferred to the Florida Army National Guard and ended up attending school for Respiratory Therapy in Jacksonville, FL where I lived until graduation. With two Honorable Discharges from two different branches of the armed forces my girlfriend and I set off to Georgia to work in a large teaching hospital in Augusta. We were married in 1990 and ended up at the Medical University of South Carolina and have enjoyed living here in the lowcountry ever since. Now, both of us are feeling that old feeling to make another move and have been looking to get back to Florida maybe in the greater Tampa area. I say greater Tampa area because I will never be without chickens in my life again unless I get too old to take care of them. That's why I married a women who is nine years younger than me! She just doesn't realize that it might be her taking care of those birds but that should be, God Willing, a long while yet.
Future Plans - I am looking into building a new pen and housing for a new project now as I have been intrigued by Saipan Jungle Fowl and Shamos. Nobody around here raises them that I know of so it should be an unusual sight having these long-bodied 3 ft. tall birds walking about! Looking forward to it, and as I used to say, I'm psyched!