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Hello all,
I am Brian, new to raising chickens, and husband to an understanding wife Sharon, proud father of two boys and a girl, a yellow lab, and 18 chicks(hopefully hens). I had been interested in having some chickens, and one day my wife wanted to stop by the local feed store and "LOOK" at some baby spring chicks. Well, an hour later she went to lunch with her mother and I went back to the feed store and bought 10 chicks(supposedly 4 White Leghorns, 3 Barred Rock, 2 Black Austrolorp, and 1 Golden Comet). I then sunk my entire home life(thats where the understanding wife comes into play) and about $400 into building a coop and run for the chickens. After an exhausting couple of weeks we have completed the coop and run, made homemade feeders, spent way to much time on BYC
and bought 6 RIR's, and 2 Americauna's. We used a pretty good sized shed that we had, and closed off a 6x12 area for the coop, and did a 22x14 foot run with 1 inch hex fencing with a 1.5 to 2 ft apron, 2 inch hex fencing on the top and then all covered with deer/bird netting. I would like to say that the source that I got most of my ideas, and all the changes I made along the way came from BYC. I know from personal experience, if you have a creative mind, the pictues of different style coops, feeders, waterers, runs ect..... are very helpful in making your own. Thanks to all the members who have posted pics to help us newbies.

The shed

From inside the shed

Building in the inner walls of the coop

Nesting boxes made from scrap wood from the walls!

The roost, with a poop deck for easier cleaning!

Roost with door leading to the run on a pully system made out of old dog runner and some I-Hooks from Lowes.

A view from the front door of the shed, 2 windows, one that opens and one not, hoping with the rough cut lumber of the outside of the shed the cracks around the top will supply enough ventalation.

Feeder and waterer made from 5 gallon buckets and hog pans from Tractor Supply. Tin roof to keep them off the top.

Hinged window that you can open from the outside. Leftover from an old storm door. Hardware cloth on the inside!

The run goes up.

Chicks in the run

They get big fast. They don't really use the roost I made but they enjoy being out there!
You can also see the tin roof small covered portion off the back of the shed/coop, thanks neighbor Jim for bringing me leftover tin from a job.

The RIR's in the brooder I made. It's 4x3 fenced in and in the Living Room. Sorry Sharon :)

3 of the older ones. 5 weeks old!

So nice not having to fill those little Quart feeders anymore. These 5 gallon bucket deals hold 25 lbs. of feed.

2 Americauna or Aracaunca, one day old when the pic was taken.

Inside the run, ramp for them to get back in the coop.