Hi, I have been keeping chickens for about 2.5 years. I very lucily have my own land and stables where I kept my beloved horse, but he died unexpectedly nearly 3 years ago now and due to the trauma of the whole incident I couldn't bare to replace him. After lots of thoughts and examining very practicalities I decided that chickens would be the best thing. They have been amazing, I started with 3 ex battery hens which expanded to 6, then a bought a speckeldy and blue bell, then more ex batts, then Elvis the cockerel came along and now I just keep adding.
At last count there are two bluebells, 1 light sussex, 4 ex batts, 2 warren crosses, 1 black rock, 1 amber star, 2 rhode island reds, 1 silver spangled appenzeller cockerel and three chicks which are silver spangled appenzeller crossed with what ever the mum's were, one is white (could be a sussex cross) one is grey (likely to be a bluebell cross) and one is the most amazing mixture of black and white with white spangled wings and a black body - that should make 17.
Most of them live in one of the stables and have the run of the yard which is fenced off to prevent the local fox from taking them, he got my favourite Speckledy the other day when she was in the field, and the two rhodys and the chicks live in a separate run on the grass at the moment until the builders finish replacing the stable roof and then they will move in with the others in a separate run until they are integreated.
I think they are wonderful, entertaining, crafty, frustrating and above all I love them all, even that awful cockerel who attacks my legs to the extent I have to wear dark tights if I wear a dress because of the marks he makes!