I started my chicken interest last year 2009. My want at the time was two to three hens. Well, 16 chickens later and a two-time expanded coop and run area I have a great flock. Here are my girls along with their atitudes:

Okay this is Forrest who is my chicken keeper often taking a nap with them. So I told him if he is a want-a-b he must look the part. He was not happy.


Willow (RIP) Lost my girl to a chronic respiratory illness she got every winter. Lillee..small but shares the in charge position. (RIP) Lost her to cancer.

Friztee who gives the best Sink eye and means it. She has a crooked beak and had no feathers on her head when i got her. But I new she would not get a home and she was so homely I liked her in a sick way. She molted and wala she has feathers on her head and is great. She is very yard smart and has taught the others when to duck for cover. She is the other one in charge with Lillee. I lost Friztee this past month to internal egg laying...Miss ya bad girl;(

Bee Bee she just makes me laugh. Loves to be in the shed with me doing things or should I say into everything. My work shed is now chicken proof so no one gets hurt. Lavander is my little silkie-cochin girl who just likes to follow you or her flock sisters.

Minee Pearl just as funny as Bee bee her kin and sounds like a seagul. Loves to sit with me in the lawn chair taking in all the movement in the yard.

Luna is just a simple girl who hangs near her kin to see how it is all done.


Rubee who forgot she is a chicken and is my right hand yard bird. I rake the leaves and she moves the pile to where she thinks it should be.

Duffee (white) my rescue chicken very sweet but can't see worth a lick because of her silkie hair. I am consantly removing her from the center of the yard in the hawk drop zone. She has learned to follow her kin Ginee who is smarter and stays near the trees more. Just two little puff balls running a muck.

Millee Bumpkin in the process of laying her first egg. Just a fluffy-fat little chicken. I laugh to death everytime she and her sister run. These two girls are small but not afraid of anything. They are always first in line for the treat.( RIP) Lost Millee to heart defect.
Mollee Bumpkin (because their bums look like pumkins)

This is my Americana Runee, So I was told, now I know she is my EE chicken. Gives me blue eggs and is very sweet.

The new girls I got for Christmas: Cagnee, (Lost Cagnee to a nasty preditor and this past year I lost Lacee to cancerous tumor) Lacee and Echo.

My new girl Rue.


Land scaping done kindda looking bad because it is end of season but gives them nice shade for the summer.

Their new pullet shut door. The best. Their revamped cover run.
This is where they all live. Their newly covered run, their rebult chicken-cabin for lounging, and their main area and sleeping quarters behind the shed.

Here are the rest of my critters:


Sonny my chicken protector waiting for his cart ride.

Sonny sporting his pet camera. Deffiently a learning curve for both of us.


Sysco A Black Headed Caique Eating her snack..sharp chedder cheese.

Sysco after her bath waiting for her blow dryer.


In Memory. Simon my sweet Southern Kitty

Miss Dazyee thinking she is a hot dog ;>
Gabby. She is a tech girl.


Gabby wanting to go on my trip with me. I guess she did not think I would see her.

Wade my very old girl who now hears nothing and does not know sign language. (RIP) Just lost her to old age. It's heart breaking.

Jaden Blue a foster cat that never left. Full full of spirt.

Forest, Jaden Blues brother who also decided to stay. Loves to sleep with the chickens.

Deli A sweet boy.
Sun Sun. She had a tough start in a farming accident with her first owners losing her back leg. She still runs with the other 5 with no problem.

Turtle. I had to bribe him with a toy to get him to where his Holloween costume. He was a hit.

Bee Bee still helping with my shed art.

Mini Pearl also helping and complaining she has no work room.

Bee Bee looking over my shed art.

Mini Pearl and her flock sister Biscuit.

My biggest girl Tillee. She came to me from a friend who's roosters were over using Tillee and she had no back feathers and two big sores. Much TLC and she is all better and is NON stop talking.

Serra who is Vegas sister.


Wilma a birthday gift to me.

Luna being "cute"

Pebbles who now along with Wilma have gotten mullet hair cuts so they can see.

Bubbles my goose sounding splash silkie.

Awww My Phoenix. I was asked to take her by the lady who was selling Portia (below) because she has crippled feet and I have no roosters. So when she comes into season she will not be harmed. She waddles around but gets it done using her flight for longer distances.

Portia my beautiful porcelain.