Birdbrain2's flock and coop page.

I have 6 young pullets. 1-golden laced wayendotte. 2-barred rocks. 3-rhode island reds.

The coop I am planning is 6'x4' and the run is 6'x11' total is 6'x15'.
It is now early November.

A couple of weeks later i was able to get the siding up and the roof framed.

Now its Jan. 2, 2009. today I was able to finish the roof. I also moved the nesting boxes from the interior to the exterior to make more room inside. Now I need to finish the trim work and paint. although its too cold to paint so I will have to wait until spring. I hope the wood won't go bad.

It is now March and have it all painted and fenced.
Chickens are about 10 weeks old and ready to move in.