I'm Bill and I'm not new to chicken farming but was a kid when i first done it and I've not done it in years.My 9 year old son is so fascinated by farming that I thought it best to take up a hobby to keep him occupied.I never considered the options when i decided to buy the 3 bantam seabrights (pics soon) but things are begining to move swiftly.I have 1 roo Roger and 2 hens  Penny and Claudia and when the hens became adjusted to their new surroundings they began laying regularly but had no interest in being broody (both sharing the same nest by their own choice).I waited to see if they would set but neither did,by this point I had 17 eggs that I wasnt going to risk trying to eat and was going to go bad.I made a make shift bator and socked them in,so on May/12 I'm looking forward to some new fuzzy butts.In the mean time I'll be building a much nicer bator in hopes of having a high hatching percentage. The eggs are not fertile so cancle the hatching.