I occasionally have some chicks and young adults for pick up or drop off in Northern California that will be looking for good and caring homes.
These birds are not for food, so they will not be free. They are dark brown egg layers and pets for farm or back yard. They will all come from very dark eggs and very good, healthy stock.

I have some BCM cockerels available for adoption. They hatched out March 24th 2010. They are all healthy and beautiful. I would keep all of them if I could. But I have more roosters than I need.
These guys are what I would refer to as excellent utility quality birds. They are every bit as nice as my first generation roosters, but they are not show quality. The birds from this flock are top quality egg laying stock and these boys would also make great oliver egger roosters. The confirmation and health in this line is great. There were 14 chicks in this hatch and they all came from very dark eggs. They are my 3rd generation from this flock and the egg color from these birds has been very reliable in each generation. So these cockerels will carry dark egg genes.

Here are the fresh fertile eggs they came from at the start of incubation

And here are after the hatch-they're a little less red after they have been incubating for 3 weeks.

And here are some of the first eggs from the pullets that hatched out of the eggs pictured above


Young Wheaten Cockerel