After my husband decided to raise bobwhite quail and pheasants, he bought an incubator and set up coops. I decided that since we already had an incubator, I might as well get some eggs to hatch too.

I started with guineas. I have 4 guineas now: 1 royal purple and 3 pearl.
I decided I might as well get some chickens too. I started by buying hatching eggs. From those eggs, I now have 5 Buff Orpingtons and 4 Cream Brabanters. My husband and I went to a poultry show in Scioto County, Ohio and bought 3 Silver Spangled Hamburg bantams. They are such beautiful birds. I have since added 2 LF Silver Spangled Hamburg pullets. I also have a bantam Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet that hatched from my original trio. Plus, I have a pair of Wheaten Ameraucana bantams, a pair of Silver Sebrights, a Buff Sebright hen, and a Spitzhauben pullet. I bought one trio of Golden Penciled bantam Hamburgs and one trio of Silver Penciled bantam Hamburgs at the Crossroads show. I have now also added 4 Black Orpington pullets to my flock.
I also have 4 dogs (3 were strays) and 5 cats (4 strays and 1 adopted from the county shelter). I have a dwarf hamster too. We also have 2 Blue & Gold Macaws. We have 29 pigeons- mostly retired racing pigeons.
We have stopped raising quail and pheasants for now. We only have 2 quail left (1 with special needs).
My stepgrandchildren are now raising Bantam Wyandottes for 4H. I have one Bantam Wyandotte chick that just hatched on 2/4/12.