The Wind of Heaven is That Which Blows Between A Horses Ears Arabian Proverb

We finally bought the farm!

In 2003 My Dh did the impossible I thought! We bought almost 7 acres and 2300Sf house.

We had lived in our little 1000sf house for 10 years.My husband was SICK of paying board on at least 2 horses.I was sick of my horses getting beat up.

So he said we were buying a bigger house WITH land for the horses.He said we would use the money we paid in board towards the mortgage. I told him he was nuts it would NEVER happen.

It wouldn't have except he was to not buy another house unless it had land! We looked for over 2 years and then... we found a house with 3 large bedrooms and 2.5 baths and a sunroom that now overlooks my pasture, all on 7 acres. He said "SEE" I told you it would happen we just needed to wait and find it!determined

I never DREAMED I would one day see my horses from my sun room window.What A guy!!! Did I mention he doesn't ride?He doesn't even like horses he says. But he still builds fences and fixes fences and listens to my constant horse chatter.

So we are a family of 4.My Husband and I, my dd and my son.We also have a morab, a 1/2 arab 1/2 qh, my gorgeous girl :) and are newest mare, my dd's 7 year old paint, apsoulutlely gorgeous. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yea I feel like one of the FEW people who LIKES arabian horses.In May of 2010 I VERY sadly had to put down the 21 yr old arab. She was my first arab, first horse I ever broke, and my daughters first mount. She was the first arab I ever had and so far the BEST arab I have had.
I bought her as a CRAZY unbroke 3 yr old. WHY? Because a dear freind said I should. My now deceased mother asked "what are you going to call her?" " a mistake" I said.
"we'll name her Kandi and she will live up to her name". 3 years later she DID live up to her name, sweet, babysitter and ALWAYS ready to go show. She was my first arab and so far the best I have come accross.I HOPE I did as well by her as she did for us.She had such a gentle spirit.

3 Years Ago we started with 6 chicks (3 red sex link and 3 black sex link).So Dh had to build a coop and run. Did I mention I wanted him to try to reuse as much of the "junk" the previous owner left as possible.He said he didn't mind building the coop but was not thrilled with my pressure to reuse stuff that was here.But he did and I think it looks great.He says it doesn't meet with his "standards" but he has a tendancy to over build.