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Black Cochin Bantamss Page

  1. Black Cochin Bantams
    Hello to all Cochin LoversI live in Iowa and raise both Black, Columbian, Birchen,and now have Buff Columbian Bantam Cochins. I got my start in Black birds from Mark Peterson. My Columbians came from Tom Roebuck. I purchased 2 pair of Breeders in the summer of 2010. My Buff Columbian start came from Matt McCammon. I am also starting a SL bantam project. I only show 2-5 times a year but hope to show more in the future. I have had reasonable success with my birds usually placing well in their class at the shows I have attended.I am NPIP certified. Will have birds available from time to time. Prices will be fair but not cheap. I don't keep cheap birds and the good ones can die of old age at my place. I do not sell eggs at this time. Let me know what you are looking for and I will help if I can.

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