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By blackgoat · Dec 16, 2014 · Updated Dec 16, 2014 ·
  1. blackgoat
    The items I have below would be equal to 6 eggs, more or less, unless otherwise noted. I'm open to negotiations :)
    These are the Things I have:

    Handmade leather masks

    Green Metallic

    Two-tone Metallic
    Copper Metallic
    Skull (I have two of these)

    Demon/Monster (I'd probably want something like 12-18 eggs for this one, lol!) This was made to be worn over glasses. Also, it might be cursed (no joke!)

    needle felted critters:

    Araucana Chicken 3" tall

    Octopus 5" tall

    Tentacle pencil holder X2 (pencils not included)

    Hand drawn, approx 8"x9", not framed



    if you want something custom, I can do something similar to the above items* but keep in mind that will take 2-3 weeks to make and get it sent out to you. *except the Demon mask, unless it is for something valued at $70 :)

    some random stuff:

    1 of these glass pens. They are used, but in very good condition. (if you want to trade a bigger value item, such as 18 eggs, I'll trade all 3 pens and some bottles of ink)

    3 of any of the below dvd's (used condition)

    Hatching eggs:
    porcelain, self-blue or blue mottled d'uccle, Sultan, Araucana, Collonca, Olmec, Appenzeller, Sumatra, Buff Laced Polish (frizzle), White Crested Blue Polish (frizzle), Dark or Blue & Gold partridge Brahma, Modern Game (bantam or LF), partridge or silver partridge Silkie, Black Copper, Birchen or Wheaton Marans
    Egg Cartons
    Egg baskets
    chicken themed décor
    Chick hatching and rearing supplies: Chick food, bedding, Lights, brooders, hatchers, incubators, egg turners, egg scale, egg candler, etc.
    Chicken diapers
    dog beds
    quilts or blankets (King or Queen sized)
    soldering gun


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