Blue Bird Brawl Contestants

  1. ChestnutRidge
    Blue Bird Brawl
    Here are the contestants for the Blue Bird Brawl. The winners have been decided!
    First Place: #19 - Billyj; Jersey Giant cockerel, "Elvis"
    Second Place: #7 - mopargal1972; 4-month bantam Easter Egger, "Gracie"
    Third Place: #11 - Jeremy; 8-month English Orpington hen, "Elizabeth"

    What birds to include:
    - This contest is for chickens only.
    - One entry per contestant. (If you post pics of multiple birds, be sure to say which pictures comprise your official entry!)
    - Show hens or roos. You can show chicks, but they should be fully feathered, not fuzzy butts. [​IMG]
    - Birds should be Andalusian blue, as opposed to self-blue/lavender. This means a nice, consistent “blue” with darker edging or lacing. (When drafting this post, I came upon this recent thread you might reference, from post #8 and down.)

    Judging will be based on:
    > Overall appearance of health & vigor
    > “Blue” appearance and lacing
    > BYC user preference!
    Entry #1: banjoenoe4783

    10-month bantam Cochin hen, "Sweetie"

    Entry #2: ramirezframing

    1-year Polish project hen, "Azul"

    Entry #3: 6chickens in St. Charles
    8-month Silkie/Rosecomb hen, "Aphrodite"
    Aphrodite, hatched Sept 2010, project result of Black over blue Silkie roo and black Rosecomb hen, she can turn those earlobes azure or pink depending on her mood.

    Entry #4: Mt. Baker Quail

    1-year Andalusian hen

    Entry #5: MarinMama
    7-week Easter Egger pullet, "Graysen"

    Entry #6: kaitlyn_rae2003
    4-month Orpington roo, "Ziggy"

    Entry #7: mopargal1972
    3- or 4-month bantam Easter Egger, "Gracie"

    Entry #8: muddyhorse
    Frizzled Turken hen, "Are You Sure That is A Chicken?"

    Entry #9: PetRock
    11-week Langshan pullet, "Bijou"

    Entry #10: Coopa Cabana
    1 1/2-year bantam Cochin hen, "Bella Blue"

    Entry #11: jeremy
    8-month English Orpington hen, "Elizabeth"

    Entry #12: thebirdguy
    12-week Orpington roo, "Big Blue Roo"

    Entry #13: Seaside Silkies
    2 1/2-month Silkie pullet, "Misty"

    Entry #14: key west chick
    Key West hen, "Esmerelda"

    Entry #15: ChicksterJo
    14- or 15- week Blue Copper Marans pullet, "Blue"

    Entry #16: LuvMyBLR
    Orpington hen, "Rosie"

    Entry #17: Jenjeran
    5-week Frizzle cockerel, "Jiggy"

    Entry #18: farmerChef
    2-month Orpington roo

    Entry #19: Billyj
    6- or 7- month Jersey Giant cockerel, "Elvis"

    Entry #20: TK Poultry
    1-year Ameraucana hen, ("Belle")

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