Blue Partridge Brahma

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  1. djcap
    Blue Partridge Brahma

    I have Blue Partridge Brahma
    and they are very rare in the USA! I will be selling hatching eggs this spring!
    Takes a second to wrap your head around this....The overall color variety is called Blue Partridge Brahma. The Andalusian Blue gene that is responsible for their blue color in one mating hatches chicks in 3 different colors. Below, is how the gene works. The lighter ones are called splash and or red pyle or can be a very light blue. You will also have chicks that are black and gold/red called Gold and lastly, Blue and Gold/red are blues. It is very hard with real accuracy to tell the difference between a blue or gold blue partridge Brahma chick until they are about 3-5 weeks of age....

    How the Andalusian Blue Gene works For Black, Blue, and Splash (BBS)

    When breeding with the andalusian blue gene, one mating can give you 3 colors of chicks.

    The gene for Andalusian Blue is a WYSIWYG gene. The visible plumage color is the color of the genetics. There is no need to do test matings to find out if it is present. The gene is a dominate blue, effecting black and little effect on red. The blue gene not present is a black bird (Feathers are Black and Gold), one blue gene will change a black bird to blue ( Blue and red) where 2 blue genes will change black to a whitish bird with splashes of gray/blue/red.

    Below is the different combinations of matings between the 3 colors of BBS. The percentages are based on 100 chicks hatched.

    ➢ Gold x Gold = 100% Gold

    ➢ Gold x Blue = 50% Gold and 50% Blue

    ➢ Gold x Splash = 100% Blue

    ➢ Blue x Blue = 25% Gold, 50% Blue and 25% Splash

    ➢ Blue x Splash = 50% Blue and 50% Splash

    ➢ Splash x Splash = 100% Splash

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  1. anchorchicken
    do you sell pullets? If so do you ship them? I'm in RI
    1. djcap
      I do not but will sell eggs this spring

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