The Blue Between Chicken House

After looking at all the chicken coop photos I could find, and trying to decide on what features I had to have, this is the chicken coop we came up with. We worked on this for about 8 weekends. Plus a few week nights. It took a long time. We made some mistakes and figured out how to fix them or work with them. But it was a lot of fun (mostly) and a great family project. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Still to do (maybe): add a chicken cam, an automatic door opener, an auto watering system, and landscaping. Oh, and an outdoor pen or tractor so the girls can get some fresh grass and bugs.


1.) Secure. I wanted the hardwire sandwiched between the frame boards and hardwire beneath run.
2.) Storage. Enough said.
3.) Easy to clean, easy access. I wanted to be able to stand up in the run, and slide out the floor and litter board in the coop, and I wanted external acces to the eggs.
4.) An overhang to keep me dry while working in there during our long Seattle area rainy season - which lasts pretty much all year.
5.) Cute. I was thinking of it as a garden feature as well as a functional home for my girls.
Here's the finished coop:

Our fancy zig-zag ramps, before they got covered in poop:

And after, with a flip-up roost added:

And inside:


Door Action:

Upgrades!! Water tower - love this!

And inside too!

Thanks for looking!
Pam, Frank, Luke and The Girls, Pippi, Lulu, Bella & Daphne

The Baby Pictures:
Dapne, the Welsummer, Pippi, the Buff Orpington, Lulu, the Cuckoo Maran, and Bella, the Silver Laced Wynadote.

Growing Up!

And all grown up:

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