The big day has arrived, and it’s the start of my first quail adventure.

This is my first attempt at hatching eggs, I have acquired 12 x fertile japanese quail eggs.


I am amazed at the size and colour variations in the eggs. The length of my eggs range
from 35.7mm - 32.6mm long and 26.5mm and 25.6mm in diameter.



The eggs went into the pre warmed incubator today at 12.00pm (Mon 15th August 2011).
I am dry incubating, and will only add water on day 15, and raise the RH to 65% for hatching.


The incubator temperature is set to 37.5 Celsius. The temperature dropped when the eggs went in
but recovered within 30 minutes, perhaps due to the small size of the incubator.
I will reduce the temperature on day 15 to 37.0 Celsius.


I will keep updating this thread, and you can follow along as the adventure unfolds.

Regards Bob