My name is Bobbie but I'm usually called Bob. I'm retired (twice). About 3 yrs ago I started thinking "It might be nice/fun to raise chickens." Already had a dog run w/ surrounding 6 x 30 x 6 ft chain link wire fencing, a lockable gate, concrete pad and inside a 7x4 ft. (3/4 in) dog house [big dog long gone]. Figured a few changes to the dog house & we could raise chickens NO PROBLEM. HA HA HA. I did not retire from a construction trade. Slow to make decisions final, I studied three books, talked to several people, and read many hours through on line chicken info. Hatcheries, Supply houses, and the like, mostly introduced or supplied by __B___Y___C in one or another of its features. Are there enough terms for adoration and praise to really do this 'group justice ? Kudos to all involved in the good works and informative functioning of BYC !

My wife of 54 years now, fell down the basement steps several years ago resulting in a compound fracture of the rt. leg just above the ankle joint. Four surgeries later she has a plate to help hold it together. Never came back to normal though & she now walks only with help or a walker. Don't get around much any more. She also has developed some sort of brain problem. Several diseases have been ruled out but there is no definite diagnosis of what the cause is. We watch t v a lot now days. Is this kind of info too personal ? Should I not include in the site??? RSVP !!!! I'm so new and ignorant of this forum medium that I don't even know if this is being [sent ?]. This, as you can tell(if you're out there) is a work in progress. Emphasis work. Not much progress.
As you know, if you have been involved in chickening for a bit, we don't start with eggs, but this seemed like a good picture to try for my first pict post. These are the first eggs we found after hearing "the song" for a couple of weeks. BERTHA, she was the largest chick AND THE FIRST TO LAY, hid them well in the asparagus patch in July of 2011 @ 17 weeks of age.