Hi, We re new to keeping chickens in our backyard, and need alot of advice....we were given 6 hens, 3 white (Leghorns?, and 3 NH Reds.) they eat everything, we have 2 acres of land that they can graze in while we are home , but when we go to work, they have to stay in the coop, as neighbors do not appreciate the aeriation services they provide. (They love the eggs though!, ) We get 5-6 eggs daily. and feed Layena, scratch and vegetable waste from the table that we run thru the food processor. Feel free to chime in. I know our coop has some deficits, like ventilation, and insulation...i will address soon. We built the coop entirely out of scrap wood from our home construction several years ago. The hens all lay in the same sot....not in the nest boxes I so carefully made....go figure....as long as they are happy. Since these pictures were taken I have added another coat of paint, and doubled the height of the run, anchored the poles in the ground, Bob D. Lebanon, ME.

I took abunch of pictures at different times...tnx......






Not quite sure how to do the ventilation, or wether to heat after insulation or not....the area farmers tell me they don't heat, though it gets really cold and snowy here.....I will have to get a heated water bowl for sure...maybe a heat lamp for below zero days....comments? tnx, Bob