Bobo And Tiny

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    All I wanted were five hens this past March 2012, because my husband and I had wonderful experiences with some chickens years ago.
    He told me to pick up a rooster, also. Then our grandson chimes in, "I want a rooster, too." So, we walked away from the little farm store
    with seven, two to three-day old, little peepers. All seven are still entertaining our family at the ripe old age of sixteen weeks. I joined BYC
    soon after receiving my new computer, about three weeks ago. After reading one of these cute stories and seeing some great photos of the
    subjects, I commented about it, then wrote that I will now have to get a new camera. I did it! Now I can join the ranks of all the story-
    telling members of BYC. These two in the photo are our two, yellow- orange,hens, Bobo and Tiny.The stories I could tell...

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