[FONT=georgia,palatino]Welcome to "Bob's Biddies" Our motto is "Backyard grown & Backyard hatched"[/FONT]
We are a small hatchery located in Ray City, Georgia. We are NPIP Certified (National Poultry Instection Program) so we can ship anywhere. We specialize in Rhode Island Reds and Dominique Chicks. These are some of the parent flock as well as Bob! We have managed to put a web site up (bobsbiddies.webs.com) but it is still in the making. We also have an email [email protected] where you can contact us.
Let me give you alittle background on us. We are Bob and Diane Berry. Bob started this project when he had to retire due to glaucoma. Since he was basically house bound, he put his love for chickens to use. It started out as a hobby and we kept building until we got to where we could ship our chicks anywhere. Believe me, it took a hugh amount of determination to acomplish this, and to top it off, Bob was diagnosed with prostrate cancer this past February. If you ever have to come up with a business plan--plan on over a year to get it right! I have limited computer knowledge, so most of time I wing it, especially if there is no instructions! Like right now, I'm still not sure if I am doing this right.
Currently we have Rhode Island Red baby chicks and True Dominiques for sale. These can be shipped next day post if anyone is interested. We have also learned how to sex our chicks. Our flock is fed only natural feed and as you can see, they have a beautiful home. We also hatch year round.
We have also learned alot about chickens and chicks. If you want to know something, just ask. We will share our knowledge with anyone (believe me- you learn something new everyday!) So just give us a holler anytime.
P.S. We now offer hatching eggs for shipping or pick-up, three dozen minimum and we can ship our chicks anywhere (minimum is 25 chicks for safe arrival)
Thanks, Mother Hen at Bob's Biddies