Hello, and thanks for stopping by!
Here at 'Lester Family Farms', we have a barnyard full of much-loved pets
First of all, we have two dogs; Sugar,a yellow lab mix, and Sabrina, a chihuahua mix. Sugar will be turning 11 soon, it's hard to believe it has been 10 1/2 years since she joined our family. Sugar was a rescue, her first family surrendered to a very over crowded shelter after they found out they were moving. Poor Sugar was devaststed, she hid in the corner of the corner of her kennel, refusing to move. If we hadn't found her, I fear that Sugar's life would have ended far too soon. Thankfully, we gave her a chance, and I fell in love instantly, she has been part of the family ever since.
She might be getting up there, but for a senior doggie, she is still kicking. We love you Sugar!!! Sabrina is 5 1/2, and she's my baby.
She is the definition of lap dog (when she wants to be), and the toughest farm dog there is when duty calls. She loves giving kisses and snuggling. Unfortunately, Sabrina was a petstore doggy. I will always love her, but now realize what that means. She already has a few minor health issues, and I don't know the fate of her parents. Regardless, she is my little love bug. Both Sugar and Sabrina love walks, and short bursts of running. Sabrina's specialty is fetching, and Sugar's specialty is sleeping. Gotta love em'!

Also, we have 3 rescued kitties.Tigger was rescued from a school 9 years ago. She was an adult when my uncle (he works there) found her, helpless and hungry. It was obvious she was a housecat prior to being dumped. He fed her for a few weeks before he heard animal control was coming to put all the cats down. We drove 3 hrs there, and 3 hrs back to save Tigger. She was very shy at first, but has warmed up to us so much. We think she is part Pixie Bob, due to her short tail, markings, squeeky meow, and black fur at the tips of her ears. She is a special girl, RIP to all the kitties who we were not able to save. Also, we rescued Bella from the local shelter two years ago. She was just 8 weeks old then, and the shelter was absolutely stuffed with cats. Cats in cages, cats in baby playpens, cats in carriers. It makes me really disgusted with all the people who don't spay and neuter their pets.
80% of the cats in that shelter are euthanized, it is very sad.
Simply put, Bella was very lucky to be chosen. So many of the cats were not even accessible. My sister found her sleeping (her greatest talent, forever and always) behind the cat scratcher. She is a great cat to this day, she has the most adorable face. She has a quirkey personalty, and loves back scrathces! Last but not least, we rescued Casper from the shelter in the next town over. He was the sweetest kitten, there was no way we could pass him up! He was about 12 weeks old, and would go nuts if we put him back in the cage. So, he came home with us. In the summer time, he hates being held, and in the Winter he is a lap cat. I guess he gets cold???
All our cats are indoors, but enjoy a large portion of the day on out large balconey. It keeps them safe and happy!

It couldn't be backyard chicken forum without the chickens! We have 22 adult chickens, 7 that are about 4 months, 17 ducks, two geese, and a turkey, The ducks and geese free range all day in the pond and in our pasture. I may be biased, but they look like the happiest ducks I have ever seen. They will go nuts for food, and always have since the day they came all the way from Metzer Farms 2 years ago. The chickens have access to the whole pasture (and the backyard, to my Dad's disgust). They are so happy though, and produce amazing eggs. I eat at least two every evening, and when production picks up we sell eggs to neighbors an friends. That's where we got the name Lester family Farms. We don't make any money, but it is fun anyways. We got most of the chickens last Fedruary, I can't believe another year has almost passed. However, a few of our chickens are 3 or 4 now, and cookie is almost 8 years old. She was my first chicken, and the one that got me hooked.
I love sharing my life with all these birds, they just have such great personalities!
Finally, we have two fish tanks. One is a 55 gallon with a pleco, 2 bottom feeders, and a variety of mollies, zebra fish, guppies, etc. Also, I have had a 20 gallon fish tank with the same three goldfish for almost 4 years now. I realize they need a bigger tank, I am working on that. They definitely recognise me though, and I wake up every morning to three goldfish with their faces smashed against the glass, waiting for food. They are smarter than people give them credit for!

Also, my passions (besides the animals themselves), are human as well as animal nutrition. It is so important to our health. Look into raw/grainfree for your dogs and cats, and a paleo-based diet for yourself. It does wonders! Also, I am a big supporter of spaying and neutering our pets. Animal overpopulation is a huge issue, leave breeding to the people who do all they can to improve the breed, as well as treat their animals as family, not as a source of income. And of course, adoption is a great thing, if you are looking for a pet, why not stop by the local shelter. You won't regret it!

Well, that's all for now. If you actually took the time to read all that, you deserve a prize!!!
See you around byc!