We are a small family Hobby Farm. The chickens, Goats, and Gardens are really for theraputic reasons for us.
My Husband and I were High School sweethearts and 12 years later we have 2 boys and are trying to adopt girls. Our oldest son, John Wayne was 11 when he died accidentially from a hunting accident.
Our small home is broken, mended and meshed together but it is full of love and hope.
We have Nigerian Dwarf Goats that Kid occasionally and we sell the babies.
We have a Silkie Pen, with a Calico Rooster over white, red, and blue silkie hens.
We have a black crested Polish pen, where Don King and Patty LaBelle live
We have a silver Penciled rock pen.
The ruling chickens in the yard are the Mille Fluers D'Uccle's that roam free and perch in the trees at night!
Remember to always hug the ones you love, you never know when that priviledge will be taken away by someone with a bigger plan than you!
Love Ya'