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Bolfreaks Member Page

By Bolfreak · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Bolfreak
    [​IMG]Black silkie bantam rooster. Very black/greenish tail feathers and "blonde highlights"
    [​IMG]Black silkie bantam hen.
    Also mom to a three-year old boy, two adopted mutts (10? yr old tibetan terrier mix and 3+ yr old lhasa/poodle mix) and a Tenn Walker.

    Pics of them as chicks:
    [​IMG]10 weeks - roo in the front. He was always taller and the hen would try and hide underneath him. He also started developing dewflaps and his comb whereas she had no dewflaps and no apparent comb.
    [​IMG]Them at 3 months old. General Tso (rooster) in the front and Kung Pao (hen) in the back.
    [​IMG]Closeup of the Roo. It's very hard to get a picture that shows his colors!

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