Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Frequent
Climate Tolerance: Heat

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity:
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:
Friendly,Flighty,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet

Breed Colors / Varieties:
Black, White, Black Mottled, Millefluer, porcelaine
Breed Details:
These are classed as rare, but are gaining popularity again, because they are easier to breed then most. They have feathered feet. The tail is upright and they are a true bantam, as they don't come in a Large Fowl size. They can become very tame and easily handled. Unlike most breeds of poultry the cock may help a hen brood the eggs, a hen will go broody more than once a year on average. Dry winter quarters are recommended to suit the feathers on their feet and legs. The chicks are tiny, so make sure food it low enough for them to reach! Thanks to Urban Coyote for some pics-- website--