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Bridget399s Page

By Bridget399 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Bridget399
    [FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Hello! My name is Bridget and I'm from South Western PA.
    Taken on 6-20-09. 4 of my RIRs turned out to be Roos! I got Straight Run RIRs from TSC. The others are Red Stars from my FIL.

    And finally, we finished our coop:


    I'm sorry I do not have exact measurements, but will post them when I can. We have paneling from crates that my Dad got from work, and some of the wood is from left over projects. The chainlink is from a friend who also has chickens! We're trying to freecycle or reuse as much as possible.

    [FONT=book antiqua,palatino]Thanks for checking out my page- hope you enjoyed it! I am so happy to be a member of BYC. I have learned so much already. I hope to be a long time member and to make some fellow chicken-obsessed friends![​IMG]

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