I currently have five brooders, and two incubators. 3 Rubbermaid totes, a small cardboard box, and a large 5 x 4 cardboard box.

Chicks up to one week old stay in the totes and the small box. Then they move to the big brooder (cardboard box). The largest tote I use to dry out the chicks, and then they move into their totes.

Brooders #1 and #2

Brooder #3

Brooder #4, used to get chicks dry, fluffy and hungry!

Brooder #5, the big one... Well, this was my old big one, but my new one is the same size. It was one of my first. This one obviously wasn't very sturdy. I now only use shavings, and have new feeders and waterers.

I have two Hovabator Genesis 1588's. I LOVE them! They hold temp and humidity perfectly! I am going to buy some egg turners soon, for now I hand turn.