Brooding Chickens

By lindat01 · Aug 4, 2012 · ·
  1. lindat01
    Describe 'brooding chickens.' here

    I have 2 chickens that are brooding with 5 eggs under each of them.. I have taken them and there eggs out of the nest and put them in a cage by themselves with their eggs. Every time one of the eggs hatch I have a full grown chick and the mother seems to just sit on them and they die. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should d

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  1. RedheadErin
    YOu would do bettr to post your question in the forum. But what you should do is raise the chicks in a brooder box. Take them away from the hen, teach them how to eat and drink by pressing thier beaks into the food and water, then keep them warm under a lamp in the box. there is a ton of information here about raising chickies in brooders. It is easy and the bonus is, wehn you handle the chicks all the time, they turn out very gentle and easy to manage.

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