Couldn't sleep, so I got up and had a glass of almond milk and a cookie. I didn't have one set of little eyes looking at me as if to say... "You got any more cookies, Mom?" Ahhh... life's simple pleasures. Cookies are hard to keep around at our house. Normally you have to fight to get one so I was surprised to find the one I did. :D
Thought I'd put up some pictures of the hatcher I made since I still can't sleep! (Sorry but I don't know how to rotate the pics so don't hurt your neck looking!)
I made the thing out of 2 old drawers that were going to be thrown out after a remodel at my DH's work. Left the handles on the ends so I could pick it up easier.I turned the drawers to face each other, put a strip of foam insulation all the way around between them, and attached them with some hinges. Drilled in some vent holes and put 2 latches on the front to remind the kids (and myself) not to open during lockdown!!!I cut in a window the size of a picture frame I had laying around, it fit in tightly between the lip of the drawer bottom.I used plexi to make the inside pane so that I could drill holes in it to mount the still air fan.
It has 2-25watt bulbs that are regulated by a modified hot water heater thermostat.(idea from BYCer jus1jack!) Thanks Jack, it's working perfectly!!! It's spot on 99.6! I was afraid of a baby sticking it's beak into the wiring so I put a hard wire cage over the electrical wires that I couldn't manage to get on the outside of the box. (All wires and plumbing go through the back so it looks less messy.)
I didn't want to have to babysit the RH constantly so I rigged up a slow drip system using some 1/4in. tubing and a quick connect valve. It drips about once every minute.(just enough to keep the sponges moist.)The reservoir is an old nut container from Costco. It sits on top of the view window which keeps the water at about 80* so when it drips in, it doesn't lower the internal temp. The tube off the back of the reservoir runs to a T-joint that has 2 tubes running through holes in back which drip into 2 bowls with sponges in them. So far it's staying at an RH of 64%.
Like they say... One man's trash is another chickenoholic's treasure! Thanks to all the 2010 home-made incubator contest entries for the inspiration!