To make the item discribed below an automatic feeder, just remove collection cup after construction. This will feed your chickens directly by allowing the larvae drop to the ground.

Grandfatherjwv's Black Soldier Fly Larvae Operation for under $5.00.

1. Can buy bucket with lid for under $5.00 at Home Depot.

2. Find or make a small strip of plastic, metal, or wood approximately 1/4" x 1" x 10" long.

3. Find 2 to 3 foot of bailing wire.

4. Cut top off a 2 liter soft drink bottle.

5. Cut the lid as shown. (the upper horizontal hole allows adult female black soldier flys to locate and enter the bucket)

6. Make a 1/2" hole approximately 1 1/2" below the center of the bucket bottom located as the bucket is suspended at a 45 degree angle. (this allows maintaining water level maximum easily, and yet keeps compost moist above the water line)

7. Also, small holes are needed to keep the center partition (small strip of plastic, metal, or wood approximately 1/4" x 1" x 10" long) in place, that is center bottom of the 45 degree positioned bucket) (keep holes above water line)

8. Use stiff wire for this, as well as, the connection of the holes placed to hold the collection cup (2 liter soft drink bottle) to the bottom lip of the bucket.

9. A wire placed from center of the bucket handle to the bottom lip of the bucket adjusted to allow the bucket to rest at 45 degrees as it is suspended. (best suspended from 2 points along the bucket handle) ("S" hooks can be used for ease of removal of bucket)







1. With the bucket in position and the lid off, fill with water (the 1/2" hole will drain any over fill)
2. With appropriate compost starter, fill to water level. (Black Soldier Fly eat almost anything biological as you will read elsewhere, however, getting started I suggest grain with syrup pour in the mix) (I used chicken scratch) above
3. Add thin strips or rolls corrugated of cardboard not in but moist compost. (BSF females will lay eggs in the corrugation)near
4. Replace the lid and let the compost ferment.
5. Black Soldier Fly females are attracted to the smell and will lay eggs.
6. Wait a week or so and watch your collection cup.
7. Add compost as needed, as larvae mature, they self harvest by climbing to the open lip and fall into the collection cup.
8. Feed your chickens. (Or frogs or turtles or fish...etc. ..etc.)

NOTES: I placed my bucket under a shade tree. My location is in central Texas. Look closely, the horizontal hole in lid is hard to see. You may choose to add holes for more air flow as my first BSF eggs came from the bucket you see in the background of one of the above pictures; it had more holes.