Just in case anyone comes here wondering who I am, what my background is, or what-nots....
My name is Cathy, I am 40 years old, mother of 3 boys. I live in Colorado, born and raised in California, moved to Okinawa, Japan at age 18 with my husband, and lived there for a total of about 9.5 years. (In two trips)
I was raised around a ton of dogs and cats, watched and helped numerous litters of puppies and kittens be born. We were "the house" that people would drop off their unwanted litters of kittens, and at times we had too many to handle. At one point, I remember one of our cats gave birth to her own litter, and we came home one day, to 2 boxes of kittens at two different ages. Thankfully our momma cat took them all in. She ended up nursing 13 babies until the oldest dumped litter was able to move on. Why people think it is okay to abandon babies like that and make other people take care of them, I'll never know.
I am not a 'pet zealot' and judge people on how many pets/animals they should keep. If YOU feel overwhelmed, you probably have too many. It is not my place to tell you how many you can keep. I am however, more than happy to lend advice or information when asked. I've been there, I understand. I have been on the 'other side' of the attacks by zealots who know nothing of personal space, boundaries or circumstances.
As an adult I have had one cat, but haven't had one in many many years. We've had up to 4 dogs at a time (plus puppies), but are down to 2 now. I started raising chickens last year (2010) and have .... a few.... I have found that chicken math is a real phenomenon, and it is best not to try to discuss that with the husband at this time.
I would like to become self-sufficient and be able to sustain my family with growing our own food. (Meat, eggs and plant-life) although I have not had much luck with gardening in the past.... Most of it is user error. My soil is fine, I just get bored when the wind whips though and kills everything, or the critters (rabbits, voles, mice, and now free-ranging chickens) kill everything... I get tired of fighting back for every piece of veg I get. Every year though, I've made changes that make it easier. Hopefully in a few years the battle of growing will be less a battle and I'll see some 'fruit of my labors'.

I can't think of anything else to write that would be of any importance. I have (I believe) a wonderful sense of humor and try not to take things too personally. Life is too short. But when I do feel attacked, I will write an earful. ;)