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Revised 6/16/11


Our coop used to be housing for a large outdoor generator on an island, then was moved to the mainland and abandoned. My DH renovated it to the hilt, thinking that we could always use it as a garden shed if I changed my mind about chickens.
It was in pretty bad shape, so we tore off almost everything and re-built it.


My dear husband replaced all the rotted wood and roofing. The windows are covered on the inside with hardware cloth and sliding Plexiglas panes.
Thee floor is covered in pine shavings, which I fluff up with a shovel a few times a week.

The poo dries out pretty quickly because of the good ventilation, and therefore doesn't smell as bad as wet poo would.
The "gangplank" ramp is hinged so it can function as a closed door at night.

Floor of coop to roof peak (outside measurement) = 6 feet
The red painted base is 1 foot high, so the total coop height is 7 feet.

Width of coop (front door side) = 4 feet 2 inches
Length = 5 1/2 feet

From ground to top = 4 1/2 feet
The wood forming the base is 4" x 4" wood, partially buried.
Length = 12 feet
Width = 5 1/2 feet

The run is made out of hardware cloth, both sides and top, and buried 12" down into the ground for predator protection. The run is pure sand, which is easy to rake up. As you can see, we spend a lot of time on summer evenings just sitting and watching thegirls


Adolescent chicks trying to figure out the gangplank for the first time ..


Coop in the Spring


Here's same view after a January Nor'easter:


Newly painted gray to match our house:

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