I began with just a few chickens in the Spring of 2010. Little did I know this would turn into a small backyard chicken haven. I now have a small flock of Lavender and Lav Split Ameraucanas, as well as a Juvenile pen of Lavenders which I hatched from another breeder. I have a flock of Silver Ameraucanas which originated from John Blehm and I have since hatched and kept a flock of 7 Silvers to continue this line of Silvers. I have a young pen of Black ad Lav Split Ameraucanas that I hatched and cannot wait for them to grow and become a part of the Lavender Flock in the Spring.
Okay, from there I also have BBS LF Cochins which I obtained from a private breeder here in NC and French Black Copper Marans purchased from a fellow BYCer,
I love my chickens and most are super friendly, as I have a 3 month old Silver Ameraucana that flies up to perch on my shoulder every time I go into their run...which I have to say is one of my favorite varieties

I have never seen a flighty Ameraucana as some claim them to be, but I also spend time each and every day with my chickens just observing and socializing with them.

I have several projects going on which I am hoping will bring me lots of joy.